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The goal of the Breakout Rooms over the course of the week here at Bible School is to provide an informal time in which you as attendees can meet up with other attendees catch up on events over the past year. In traditional years the Bible School is at Lakefield College campus and we have many opportunities to meet and catch up with Brothers and Sisters we may only see once a year. Here, in the breakout rooms the objective is the same, to allow you time to discuss live, family, Ecclesial news, baptisms, etc.


The facilitator and coordinator for the Breakout Rooms is Bro. Art Cowles. There will be breakout rooms for informal discussions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00pm Eastern on these days.


The Breakout rooms will start with everyone together at 3:00pm, Click the link – Breakout Rooms. Bro. Art will explain how the breakout rooms work and any other instructions or directions. After this, you will be moved into one of the breakout rooms for the next 30 minutes or so. There is a moderator for each room, but the goal is for you to interact and talk with your fellow attendees.


The breakout rooms are named after the various accommodation blocks at Lakefield College School. These include Colebrook, Cooper, Grove, Uplands, Lampmain, Matthews, Memorial, Moodie, Ondaatje, Rashliegh, Ryder and Wadsworth.


We hope you enjoy the time to interact with the other attendees. See at 3:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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