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About This Year's Bible School

As each year passes there is a growing feeling among the followers of Jesus that the world has moved significantly closer to the Lord’s return, 2020 has certainly amplified those feelings. God Willing, the Lakefield Christadelphian Bible School will be conducted online this year.  The committee has worked hard to put together a rewarding and spiritually fulfilling program that mirrors, wherever possible, the principles and programming we have delivered at Lakefield, and before that, at Brock University for over thirty-three years.

Bible School is another small step we can all take to learn to live as God intends us to live; to gain understanding, to grow in faith, and to practice good works. These things are not beyond our reach, but they do require our dedicated effort and diligence. This year’s programming, which will be presented online includes:

  • Daily programming from Monday August 17th to Friday August 21st with the memorial service and final programming delivered on Saturday August 22nd

  • Bro. Caleb Lawrence will lead five classes on Minor Characters – Major Faith

  • Bro. Stephen Snobelen will lead daily classes for both the adults and young adults / teens on Bible Perspectives on the Environment

  • Each day’s programming will begin with a facilitated discussion of the daily Bible Readings

  • Programming to support children will be provided

  • Bro. Doug Finlay will exhort us during the Memorial Service on Saturday

  • Evening Programming will be provided Monday to Friday

  • Wednesday afternoon an online Sister’s Tea will be held

  • Opportunities for online informal gatherings and discussions will occur each day including ending with an “Evening Social”

  • Concurrently with the Evening Social will be a young adults and teen open discussion and devotion

We believe this program will provide a very rewarding and spiritual opportunity for all those who attend. If you wish to register for the Lakefield Online Bible School click the Register Now button or the Registration link at the top of this page.

Please note, there is no charge to attend this year’s Online Bible School although donations are welcome.

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